Mari was Human female, who worked as a courier for the Alliance to Restore the Republic.


While on a mission to deliver a message from an Imperial diplomat to the leaders of the Rebel Alliance, she and a fellow Rebel courier became marks of a considerable bounty, issued by the Imperial Security Bureau. Among the bounty hunters who were after them were Boba Fett and Zardra.

As Mari and her friend were hiding in a cantina, her friend was spotted and gunned down by Fett. Hiding in the shadows, she was not detected by Fett. However, a group of spacers did spot her, but kept it to themselves. Later the same evening, she was assaulted by a gang who were also after the bounty. Unbeknownst to her, the spacers from the cantina had been tracking Mari down and went into a brawl with the gang, defeating all gang members except the gang leader. As Zardra appeared from out of nowhere and attacked the leader, Mari and the spacers ran off and hid in a dark alley.

Here Mari revealed her identity and mission to the spacers, who decided to help her. Having evaded Fett and Zardra twice, and defeated an alien bounty hunter, they group made it to their spaceship and took off, thus saving Mari and enabling her to complete her mission.

Personality and traitsEdit

For a human, Mari was considered to have a beautiful physical appearance - in particular her face. She was quite fond of her fellow courier and silently wept when Fett killed him. It was her beauty and a single tear running down her cheek that made the spacers notice her in the shadows in the cantina. Obviously not ready to die, she screamed for help when the gang attacked her, and was profoundly thankful after the spacers had rescued her from the gang and Zardra. She would confide only in people that she felt she could trust, and it was only after she was absolutely certain that the spacers wanted to help her that she revealed her identity.

Behind the scenesEdit

This article assumes the light side ending of Rebel Escape, in which this non-player character appears. However, it is possible for the player characters to try and hand her over to Boba Fett for a hefty reward, but, if they do so, Fett and Zardra will open fire on them.


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