Mariek Panaka was a female human who served as a captain in the Royal Naboo Security Forces. She was the wife of Captain Quarsh Panaka, who served as captain of the guard for Queen Padmé Amidala. After Amidala's term as queen ended, Quarsh retired and Mariek replaced him as the captain of Amidala's guard when she took up Queen Réillata's proposal of becoming Naboo's senator in the Galactic Senate. When Amidala was looking for new handmaidens, Mariek recommended her niece Versaat for a role. Mariek later accompanied Amidala to Coruscant with Versaat, who took the name Versé, and her nephew Sergeant Gregar Typho.[1]

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Mariek Panaka was first mentioned in an article about the Naboo Royal Handmaidens.[2] She later appeared in E. K. Johnston's 2019 novel Queen's Shadow.[1] According to Johnston, Mariek was present in the story from the first draft as she wanted to include more women in the story and considered Gregar Typho not quite old enough to be fleshed out.[3]

The actress Rachel House served as author E. K. Johnston's inspiration for Mariek's physical appearance.[4]

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