Lady Marina Mantis was the owner and CEO of the Mantis Syndicate of bounty hunters during at least 0 ABY[1] to 11 ABY.[2]

Bounty hunters hired personally by Lady Marina for the Syndicate were exempt from the usual selection process and from paying an annual fee to the Syndicate.[1]

During the times of the Empire, the Syndicate worked mostly for High Lord Jaris Affric and his interests in the Sarin sector.[1] However, after the Battle of Endor, Affric was short on liquid assets and Lady Marina decided to withdrew the services of the Syndicate — much to his chagrin. To obtain profit, Lady Marina agreed to reduce her fees and work for anyone, still based mostly in the Sarin sector. The New Republic occasionally hired the Syndicate, even if they considered Lady Marina to be highly amoral.[3]

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