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"Instead of being taken into the fold, I ended up here, in humiliated self-exile for failing to save Veruna's life."
―Last words of Maris Magneta, former chief of Royal Naboo Security Forces, to Darth Maul[src]

Maris Magneta was a Human female who served as chief of the Royal Naboo Security Forces under King Ars Veruna of Naboo. After Veruna first abdicated in 33 BBY, then was assassinated, Magneta stepped down; the new regent, Padmé Amidala, replaced her with Captain Quarsh Panaka. Although she didn't know how Veruna was assassinated, she did eventually find out that a Muunilinst businessman named Hego Damask and "his puppet" Palpatine were involved in the assassination.

Before the Invasion of Naboo, Maris had learned of Damask's involvement, but she was later brutally murdered by Darth Maul, who broke her neck. Maul—upon reflection, which left him disillusioned concerning points of 'contract' and 'honor'—was shocked that his Master, Darth Sidious, would apparently break the millennia-old Sith Rule of Two by taking on his own apprentice while two Sith Lords yet lived and were seemingly bound to one another by that ancient dark covenant.

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