Marits were a species of sentient beings brought by Human colonists to the world of Gaftikar, a forested planet with vast grassy plains. They were meter-tall reptilian humanoids. The Marits had light beige scales that were slightly iridescent. They had sharp muzzles and small black eyes with red slit-like pupils. The dominant members had very prominent red neck-frills. These dominant members were mostly female, as Marit society was matriarchal. When Humans settled Gaftikar, the Marits were hired and brought to the planet to build the cities and their infrastructure. The Marits were selected because of their natural abilities that made them brilliant engineers: excellent visiospatial awareness, superb mathematical skills, and an aversion to wastefulness. When construction of the cities were completed, the Humans expelled the Marits from the new populated areas of the planet, effectively exiling the Marits in the wilderness.

The Galactic Republic would eventually intervene, assisting with a coup to overthrow the Human government.

The Marits, natural engineers, impressed the commandos of Omega Squad when a group of them were able to rapidly assemble and transport the weapons given to them from the Republic, such as E-Web blasters, without poring over a manual.

Marits were also able to disseminate information quickly throughout the populace. ARC N-11 discovered that the Marits were especially good at "cascading training." A'den Skirata would train ten Marits, they would train ten each, etc. until the information was shared with the entire force in a matter of hours.

It was custom for Marits to recycle the bodies of dead family members by consuming them, usually in the form of cooked food, such as soup. This led to Clone commando Darman Skirata of Omega Squad jokingly advising his squadmates to remember to tell the Marits to not dig up and devour the bodies of two dead Covert Ops clone troopers that Darman had killed in self-defense.



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