Mark Corcoran is the illustrator of the 1979 children's book, The Mystery of the Rebellious Robot.

Born in New York City, Corcoran was educated at New York's Parsons School of Design.[1] Acclaimed children's author and illustrator Maurice Sendak was one of his instructors at Parsons.[2]

In 1978, the 23-year-old artist started work on The Mystery of the Rebellious Robot. Random House provided him with a finished story, as well as reference photos from Star Wars to help with technical details. He describes the process as one with tight deadlines, but one which allowed the inclusion of humor and subtle details in his work. After his work was completed, Random House sent him passes for The Empire Strikes Back.[2]

Corcoran has continued his artistic career, including illustrations for textbooks and Highlights for Children magazine.[2] Outside of his art, Corcoran's interests include the electric guitar and model-making.[1]

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