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The Market, also known as the Marketplace, was an avenue on the Outer Rim planet of Batuu, located within the boundaries of Black Spire Outpost.[1] The partially covered street was home to several local retail stores, including Black Spire Outfitters, The Jewels of Bith, and Toydarian Toymaker. At one end of Merchant Row sat Ronto Roasters, a quick-service eatery, while the snackfood stand called Kat Saka's Kettle operated next door. Visitors to the area could also purchase a variety of pets or other small animals from the Market's Creature Stall.

Remex Io of the Kendoh Gang once ran through the marketplace trying to evade members of the 709th Legion in a chase/lightfight when they learned his presence via a tip, with him narrowly evading them by sending them on a wild Bantha chase to the Batuu spaceport, although he ended up ambushed and threatened by Varg shortly afterward.[3]

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Concept art of the Market

The Market was first seen on one of a set of trading cards available at Disney's December 16, 2017 "Galactic Nights" session, which covered locations for the upcoming Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge attraction. Initially many unofficial sources believed the Market to be an alternate name for Merchant Row, but later sources, including Star Wars Galaxy's Edge: Traveler's Guide to Batuu, confirmed them to be different locations.

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