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This article is about a major in the Imperial Army. You may be looking for Richard Marquand, director of Star Wars: Episode VI Return of the Jedi and character namesake.

Marquand was a male Human from the planet Kessel. He served as Major in the Imperial Army. He was the pilot of one of the AT-ATs in the complement of the Devastator and later pilot of the AT-ST, Tempest Scout 2 during the Battle of Endor. During this time he was accompanied by gunner Lieutenant Watts.


During the Battle of Endor, Chewbacca and two Ewoks landed on Tempest Scout 2, with one of them appearing in the walker's view ports, taunting the pilots. Marquand ordered Watts to get it off their AT-ST.[2]

Watts peered out of the cockpit hatchway and was pulled out by the powerful Chewbacca, who threw him overboard. The two Ewoks then entered the cockpit and mercilessly beat Marquand unconscious, taking control of the walker and turning its guns on another AT-ST, destroying it.[2] Midway through the tides' turn, the Imperials became privy to Tempest Scout 2's turncoat actions during the battle, and likewise believed that Marquand, alongside Watts, had turned traitor, not realizing that he was unconscious the entire time and that Watts had been killed.[3]

Later in the battle, Han Solo donned Marquand's uniform and helmet in a guise to trick the Endor shield generator bunker's commander, Major Hewex into sending reinforcements into an ambush by the Rebels.[2]

Behind the scenes[]

Marquand was played by his namesake, Richard Marquand, the director of Star Wars: Episode VI Return of the Jedi. His CCG card, where he was first identified, cheekily hints at his namesake by saying he "Directed a counterattack against the Ewoks on Endor."


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