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"Marrok will complete his task."
―Baylan Skoll, to Morgan Elsbeth[3]

Marrok was a mysterious Force-sensitive humanoid warrior and mercenary who once served in the Inquisitorius of the Galactic Empire. After the Imperial Era, the former Inquisitor was hired by the Nightsister Morgan Elsbeth. During his time in Morgan Elsbeth's forces, Marrok worked with other Force-sensitive mercenaries—former General Baylan Skoll of the Jedi Order, and his apprentice Shin Hati.

Around the year 9 ABY of the New Republic Era, Marrok aided Elsbeth in her quest to find Grand Admiral Thrawn. The former Inquisitor engaged Ahsoka Tano, a former Jedi Padawan, in a lightsaber duel during a mission on the planet Corellia. They confronted each other once more on Seatos, where the former Jedi hunter was struck down by Tano's blade. Despite Marrok's fall, Tano and her Padawan Sabine Wren failed to prevent Elsbeth's journey to the distant galaxy where Thrawn was exiled.


Imperial Inquisitor[]

"Brothers, sisters. Enter."
[Marrok and the others enter, all kneel]
"Now it is time you meet your new master."
―The Grand Inquisitor introduces Marrok and his fellow Inquisitors to Darth Vader[4]

Marrok was once an Inquisitor who served the Galactic Empire during the Imperial Era.

Marrok was a male[4] humanoid Inquisitor—an individual who served the Galactic Empire as a Jedi hunter—during the Imperial Era.[5] With a few exceptions,[7] the Sith Lord Darth Sidious had ordered the execution of all Jedi at the end of the Clone Wars between the Galactic Republic and Confederacy of Independent Systems[8] in 19 BBY,[9] paving the way for his Empire.[8] Whilst highly effective, Order 66 did not eliminate every member of the Jedi Order outright, forcing Sidious to deploy[10] his long planned Inquisitorius program to continue the Great Jedi Purge.[11] Among the Inquisitors, many were former Jedi who had fallen to the dark side of the Force.[12]

Shortly into the Imperial Era in 19 BBY,[13] Marrok was present on[4] the ocean moon[14] Nur within the under-construction Fortress Inquisitorius, where[4] he[3] was joined by the Grand Inquisitor[4]—the highest ranking member of the Inquisitorious itself[11]—and several other Inquisitors, including the former Jedi Barriss Offee, the Inquisitor known as the Fourth Sister, and another[4] helmeted Inquisitor.[15] One stormy day, after Offee's training was complete, Marrok and his fellow Inquisitors were invited by the Grand Inquisitor[4] to enter the audience chamber,[15] passing several[4] Purge Troopers[15]clone troopers[4] who served the Inquisitorius as expendable death squads[16]—as they entered.[4] With all three joining Offee and forming a line before the Grand Inquisitor,[15] Marrok was the second to kneel after the helmeted Inquisitor[4] after the Grand Inquisitor gave a nod.[15]


Marrok and a helmeted Inquisitor were the first to kneel in preparation for the arrival of Darth Vader, lord of the Inquisitors.

Once all four kneeled, the Grand Inquisitor decreed it was time for the four to meet their master—the Sith Lord Darth Vader,[4] the Sith apprentice to Sidious,[11] a teacher to the Inquisitors,[11] and the leader of the Inquisitorius as per the power granted to him by Sidious.[17] Once Vader sat atop a throne on the room's dais with even the Grand Inquisitor kneeling,[15] the Grand Inquisitor stood and invited his comrades to do the same, recognizing them as Inquisitors. Marrok was the second to finishing rising after the helmeted Inquisitor and stood silently as the Grand Inquisitor and Offee engaged in the chant "Long live the Empire."[4] As an Inquisitor, Marrok carried out his[5] organization's directive to hunt and destroy the Jedi[10] for the Empire[5] and the Sith.[4] Through the Inquisitorius' efforts, the number of Jedi survivors decreased over the course of Sidious' reign as Galactic Emperor. However, as a result of their own success, the Inquisitors were deemed obsolete by Sidious who viewed them as an expendable force. The Empire ultimately fell to the New Republic after the deaths of Sidious and Vader during the Galactic Civil War.[10]

Morgan Elsbeth's mercenary[]

Searching for the map to Peridea[]

"Either the Jedi has the map or it was vaporized."
"She has it."
―Baylan Skoll and Morgan Elsbeth, after Skoll and Marrok had searched the ruins[6]
Elsbeth in Arcana

By the time of the New Republic, Marrok had become a mercenary in Morgan Elsbeth's forces.

Marrok was active during the New Republic Era;[6] around 9 ABY,[1] the former Inquisitor was hired as a mercenary by Morgan Elsbeth,[5] a Nightsister of Dathomir who plotted to liberate Grand Admiral Thrawn from his exile in a faraway galaxy. Marrok worked alongside[6] the former Jedi General[18] Baylan Skoll and his apprentice Shin Hati, both of whom were, like Marrok, Force-sensitive mercenaries in Morgan Elsbeth's forces. Elsbeth sought to acquire a star map which contained the location of Peridea, a planet located in the galaxy where Thrawn was believed to be.[6]

Accompanied by Marrok, Skoll, and Hati, Elsbeth tracked the map to the ruins of a Nightsister stronghold on Arcana. After arriving, Marrok and Skoll searched the nearby area. Upon returning to Elsbeth, Skoll suggested that it had either been taken already by the former Jedi Ahsoka Tano, or vaporised in the explosion that had occurred. Elsbeth responded that Tanos apprentice Sabine Wren was in possession of it, before ordering Skoll to send Hati to Lothal to retrieve it. Marrok watched as Elsbeth walked away. Skoll explained the situation and mission to Hati, who questioned Elsbeths intentions, before the latter walked off to journey to Lothal. Marrok then approached Skoll, before the two followed Elsbeth.[6]

Duel on Corellia[]

"Go to Corellia. Assist Marrok with the final transport."
"Yes, Master."
―Baylan Skoll and Shin Hati[3]

Marrok challenged Ahsoka Tano to a duel while his allies secured a hyperdrive core for the Eye of Sion.

Whilst Hati retrieved the star map from Tano's former apprentice, the Mandalorian Sabine Wren on Lothal,[6] Marrok was sent on a mission to Corellia to steal a Super Star Destroyer's hyperdrive core[3] for Elsbeth's hyperspace transport ring, the Eye of Sion.[19] Ahsoka Tano and General Hera Syndulla tried to prevent the hyperdrive's theft, forcing Marrok to confront Tano directly while Elsbeth's forces absconded with the hyperdrive unit on Transport CT-O5.[3] In what was to be their first encounter,[20] Marrok fought against the former Jedi in[3] a breathtaking[20] lightsaber duel, in which he used his red double-bladed spinning lightsaber against Ahsoka Tano's white lightsabers. An HK-87 assassin droid fought alongside Marrok until the droid was destroyed by Tano. Marrok continued the duel despite the loss of his assassin droid, activating the second plasma blade of his lightsaber.[3]

Marrok disengaged from their duel after his allies succeeded in leaving the Corellian shipyard with the hyperdrive core. By then, Hati had arrived with her master's Eta-class shuttle to retrieve Marrok. She used the shuttle's weapons to slow Tano down, allowing Marrok to reach the vessel before the Jedi could catch up to him.[3]

Pursuit above Seatos[]

"She's on the wing."
"I see her."
―Marrok and Shin Hati, on Ahsoka Tano[19]

Marrok and Shin Hati led the starfighter attack on Tano's starship near Seatos in the Denab system.

With Syndulla's help, Tano and Wren tracked the transport to the Denab system. Elsbeth dispatched a starfighter squadron led by Hati and Marrok to destroy Tano's T-6 shuttle. Although a few of their scout guards were killed during the dogfight in space, Tano's starship was damaged and forced to land on the planet Seatos.[19]

Defeat in the forest[]

"The guards will not delay them long."
"But you will."
―Morgan Elsbeth, to Baylan Skoll, and Baylan Skoll, to Shin Hati and Marrok[2]

Marrok and Tano fought against each other once more in the forests of Seatos.

With the Eye of Sion in the process of downloading the star map's coordinates to Peridea, Elsbeth and Skoll dispatched their scout guards into a forest on Seatos where Tano and Wren had landed their shuttle. Knowing that the guards would not survive for long against a Jedi, Skoll ordered Hati to confront Tano and her Mandalorian apprentice. Marrok accompanied Hati into the forest where they obstructed Tano and Wren's path to the star map. While Wren and Hati fought, Tano and Marrok ignited their lightsabers and paced in a circle before engaging. Following an exchange of strikes, Marrok spun his blades across the circular hilt, preparing for an attack. As the two stepped forward, Tano slashed a large cut through Marrok's armor. A cloud of dark green mist erupted from the wound followed by a piercing shriek as Marrok's armor fell to the ground.[2]

Personality and traits[]

"Marrok, form up on my wing and wait for my signal."
"As you wish."
―Shin Hati and Marrok[19]

Marrok was a mysterious warrior who once hunted Jedi in service to the Galactic Empire. After the Empire's fall, the ex-Inquisitor became a hired mercenary who carried out "dark deeds" for Morgan Elsbeth.[5] Marrok followed his orders and traveled to where he was sent; Baylan Skoll was confident in Marrok's ability to complete his task, having vouched for him to Elsbeth.[3] Marrok also complied with Shin Hati's orders while serving under her command in the Denab system.[19] As a warrior, Marrok challenged Ahsoka Tano to a duel on two occasions,[3][2] first with the help of an assassin droid on Corellia,[3] and then alone on Seatos, where he ultimately lost to the former Jedi.[2] Marrok's body was completely encased by his armor,[5] with a green mist exploding out of the slice in the armor caused by Tano's lightsaber.[2]

Powers and abilities[]

Marrok was Force-sensitive and skilled in lightsaber combat, able to fight Ahsoka Tano on even footing. The former Inquisitor possessed Force powers such as telekinesis, which Marrok used when he pulled his lightsaber back to his hand after throwing it at Tano.[3] He also was an adept pilot, capable of navigating through a swarm of purrgil.[19] As an Inquisitor, Marrok was experienced in hunting Jedi.[5]


"An emitter ring surrounded the hilt, allowing the opposing blades to rotate at high speeds, greatly increasing their ability to deal death and destruction."
―Darth Sidious[10]

Marrok was an armored warrior who wielded a double-bladed spinning lightsaber.

Marrok's lightsaber was a double-bladed spinning lightsaber,[3] also known as an Inquisitor lightsaber,[21] that featured red[5] plasma blades on either end of its[3] circular hilt.[5] The Inquisitor lightsaber[21] was specifically designed to increase the wielder's lethality in combat. While similar in design to Darth Maul's double-bladed lightsaber, the lightsaber[10] used by Marrok[5] and other Inquisitors featured an emitter ring that could rotate the blades around the hilt at a high speed.[10]

The former Inquisitor still wielded his red-bladed lightsaber after becoming a mercenary.[5] While dueling with Tano, Marrok switched between the use of his lightsaber's single-blade and the double-blade, and adjusted his fighting style accordingly. He also made use of its design by rotating the blades of his lightsaber during his first[3] and second duel with Tano.[2] In addition, Marrok wore full-body battle armor that completely encased his body,[5] complete with a face-concealing[5] black[15] helmet and a black cape, which he discarded in battle. By the time of the New Republic Era,[3] the armor had become battered[5] and rusted.[3]

Marrok's Fiend fighter[5] was a starfighter[19] that the former Inquisitor used as his vehicle[5] during his time as a mercenary in Elsbeth's forces. It was the same model as Shin Hati's Fiend. During their attack on Tano's T-6 shuttle in the Denab system, Marrok piloted his starfighter as a member of Hati's squadron.[19]

Behind the scenes[]

Marrok first appeared in "Part One: Master and Apprentice," the premiere episode of the television series Ahsoka, written and directed by Dave Filoni and released on Disney+[6] on August 22, 2023.[22] The character was portrayed by Paul Darnell.[6]

In Arthurian legend, Marrok is the name of a knight who was turned into a werewolf by his wife, who had learned these skills from the witch Morgan Le Fay.[23] In Ahsoka, "Morgan" is the name of Marrok's employer, one of the witches of Dathomir. The wolf motif also ties in with Marrok's fellow dark-side users Shin Hati and Baylan Skoll, who share their last names with two wolves from Norse mythology.[23]



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