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"It's the Ishi Tib! Three Marsheem-class heavy cruisers!"
―An Imperial officer, to Davin Bryce[src]

The Marsheem-class heavy cruiser was a class of warship that was used by the Ishi Tib of Tibrin during the Galactic Civil War. At least three cruisers participated in a skirmish above Tibrin after the Ishi Tib allied themselves with the Rebel Alliance.[1]

History[edit | edit source]

"Sir! Several ships… they just came from the dark side of the moon."
―An Imperial officer, to Davin Bryce[src]

During the age of the Galactic Empire, a number of Marsheem-class Heavy Cruisers were owned by the government of the Ishi Tib, a nonhuman species native to Tibrin. When Luke Skywalker, a hero of the Alliance to Restore the Republic, was captured by the Empire during an undercover diplomatic mission to Tibrin, he was briefly detained aboard the Imperial-class Star Destroyer Stormbringer. Although his fellow Rebel Princess Leia Organa singlehandedly infiltrated the Star Destroyer, freed Skywalker, and led him into an escape pod, they would have been disintegrated without the intervention of Mariod Govi, who convinced the Kalikeedan to send three Marsheem-class Heavy Cruisers against the Imperial warship. Since the heavy cruisers abruptly came out from the dark side of Tibrin's moon, Imperial Captain Davin Bryce could not issue the order to raise the deflector shields in time, and the Marsheems destroyed the Stormbringer.[1]

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