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Marsune's base was a base located in the Gungan Swamp on the planet Naboo that belonged to the rogue male Gungan Captain Marsune. Sometime prior to 3000 BBY, Boss Gallo of Otoh Sancture visited the base and traded Marsune five nerfs for four glurrg workers. The base consisted of two sentry posts, two prefab shelters, a food processing center, a carbon processing center, an animal nursery, four markers, and a power core. The base was manned by three militiagungs and two Kaadu Cavalry.[1]

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Marsune's base made its only appearances in the 2001 PC video game Star Wars: Galactic Battlegrounds[1] and its expansion pack Clone Campaigns. It appeared in the first mission of the Bass Nass campaign titled "Otoh Sancture."[3] The base also received a mention in the Prima strategy guide for the game, released a week prior.[4]

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