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"Oho! Marsune, Prince of Rogues! Haven yousa come to rob us then?"
―A Bongomeken Collective employee to Marsune[src]

Marsune was a male Otolla Gungan who lived on the planet Naboo in the year 3000 BBY. During a period of war between the Gungan tribes at that time, Marsune formed a rogue gang and gained a reputation among the Gungans as a thief who would steal from the greedier Bosses and distribute their wealth among the poorer tribes. While spending time in his forest base, Marsune encountered Boss Gallo, who had escaped the destruction of his city, Otoh Sancture, at the hands of a clan of bursas, a semi-sentient carniverous species native to Naboo. Marsune, wishing to avoid being caught up in the war, agreed to only exchange four worker Glurrgs for five nerfs Gallo had found in the forest.

Gallo went into the forest and raised a small army able to attack the bursas that had destroyed Otoh Sancture, and upon finishing the task encountered Marsune again, who had changed his mind about the situation and wanted to help Gallo. The two Gungans then began a crusade to unite the warring tribes and defeat Rogoe, the warlord who had secretly arranged Otoh Sancture's destruction. Marsune and Gallo traveled to each of the major Gungan cities, and completed several different tasks to secure their allegiance. Eventually Gallo prepared for an assault on Rogoe's city, Spearhead, and Marsune turned the tide of the attack by recruiting the Bongomeken Collective, a company that made bongo submarines, which were necessary to attack the underwater portion of Spearhead. Rogoe was killed in the battle and Spearhead was rebuilt by Gallo as Otoh Gunga, and Marsune was appointed as the first captain in Gallo's new Grand Army. Marsune and Gallo were remembered as heroes by generations of Gungans that came after them.


"Mesa thought about yousa words. Ugh—mesa have no stomach for this Rogoe. Mesa wish to see himsa fall."
―Marsune to Gallo[src]

Marsune was a male Otolla Gungan who lived on the planet Naboo[1] in the year 3000 BBY[2] during a long period of war between the Gungan tribes. In this time Marsune became a folk hero to the local Gungans, gaining a widespread reputation for stealing the riches of the greedier Bosses and distributing them amongst the poorer citizens. The Gungan also led a small gang of fellow rogue Gungans, who spent most of their time hiding in Naboo's swamps and forests, and also had a base hidden near the city Otoh Sancture. Marsune spent most of the Gungan war in a relatively isolated existence until Gallo, the Boss of Otoh Sancture, found Marsune's base following his city's destruction by bursas, a dangerous semi-sentient species on Naboo. The creatures had been sent by Rogoe, a Gungan warlord secretly manipulating the conflict between the Gungan tribes for his own benefit, who wanted to kill Gallo as he was one of the more powerful Bosses and if he decided to join could change the tide of the war. Marsune desired to stay out of the war, and so only agreed to trade five nerfs, an edible animal species, from Gallo, in exchange for four Glurrgs, a non-sentient species useful as laborers. Gallo consented to the deal and left Marsune's base with the Glurrgs, and as he explored the forest later he discovered that Rogoe was behind the destruction of his city, prompting the Boss to raise a small army to attack the bursas who had nested on Otoh Sancture's remains.[1]

After Gallo was victorious in slaying the bursas Marsune went to the ruins of Otoh Sancture and agreed to join his new-found campaign against Rogoe, as the revelation of the warlord's hand in Otoh Sancture's destruction rankled Marsune's sense of honor .

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"Mesa fight the good fight now! Mesa fight for Boss Gallo!"

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