"Don't worry sir, your cargo will be completely secure at Martle Station."
―Governor Varla Prule[1]

Martle Station was a space station located above the planet Remduba II, on the Perlemian Trade Route. It was an aging orbital platform that served as a cargo transfer and refueling point. Martle Station was overseen by Varla Prule, the Imperial governor of the Remduba system.

During the Galactic Civil War, Martle Station served as a port of call for the secret Imperial convoy known as the Perlemian Haul. When the Rebel Alliance learned that the convoy would be stopping at Martle Station, an elite Rebel strike force was dispatched to the platform to infiltrate and hijack one of the Perlemian Haul's freighters.

Boarding the station under the cover identity of traders, the team made contact with the information broker Passk. The Trandoshan shop-keeper assisted the Rebels with gathering information on the impending arrival of the Perlemian Haul at Martle Station. Eventually, the strike force members gained employment with the station's workgangs of dockworkers and shiphands and, when the convoy arrived in the Remduba system and began loading and unloading cargo, infiltrated the freighter targeted by the Alliance.


Martle Station was an orbital platform located above the planet Remduba II. It was a part of the Remduba system, which lay on the[1] super-hyperroute[2] known as the Perlemian Trade Route.[1]

The main section of the space station was shaped like a truncated cone, with four hemispherical components located at its top and two narrow components extending from the bottom. At the main section's sides were attached two smaller sections, visually similar to the main one minus the four hemispheres. One of the smaller sections was linked to an additional flattened section. Martle Station was silver-gray in color and had red markings and running lights along its surface, as well as numerous antennas extending from both its top and bottom.[1]


Mission to the Perlemian Haul[]

"Shuttle 201-7, we have you on our scopes. Please relay your business in Martle Station space and transmit your identification."
―Martle Station control[1]

Martle Station served as a port of call for the Perlemian Haul convoy.

At one point, Varla Prule, the Imperial governor of the Remduba system, assured a male individual that the individual's cargo would be safe at Martle Station. Considered to be relatively old by the time of the Galactic Civil War, the station served as the preeminent port of call for the secret Imperial convoy colloquially known as the Perlemian Haul.[1]

After the Battle of Yavin,[3] the Rebel Alliance received intelligence confirming the existence of the convoy and that it would be stopping at Martle Station for cargo transfer and refueling. Intent on capturing the valuable cargo transported by the Perlemian Haul, the Alliance sent an elite strike force of Rebel operatives to the space station in order to infiltrate and hijack one of the Perlemian Haul's freighters.[1]

Arriving in the Remduba system in a stolen shuttle, the team was hailed by Martle Station control, which demanded that the operatives, posing as traders at the time, state the purpose of their visit to the station as well as transmit their identification. After complying with station control's demands—and using the false identification provided by the Alliance—the team boarded the orbital platform. The operatives then made their way through the station's facilities, eventually locating the curiosities shop of their contact, the information broker Passk.[1]

Gathering information[]

A pair of Rebel operatives posed as Imperial Navy troopers of Martle Station.

The Rebel agents informed Passk of the impending arrival of the Perlemian Haul, at which point the shop-owner agreed to assist the team with gaining more information for its upcoming mission. The information broker provided the Rebels with a pair of Imperial Navy trooper uniforms that allowed them to infiltrate Martle Station's command and control center. There, the agents accessed a computer terminal in order to gain information regarding incoming shipments and convoys.[1]

Next, Passk personally introduced the Rebels to Governor Prule. At first, the governor attempted to negotiate a bribe in exchange for providing the team with information. However, in the end, the agents used incriminating evidence on Prule gained from Passk to blackmail the governor. As a result, they gained access to relatively ordinary Martle Station reports, such as docking schedules and work rosters, which nevertheless provided additional information on the Perlemian Haul's schedule upon its arrival at the station.[1]

In addition to Prule, Passk introduced the Rebel strike force to Raf, the leader of the Big Black workgang of Martle Station's cargo bay workers. Passk's contacts among the station's working class provided the Rebels with additional transport schedules of the station. Eventually, in order to gain access to the freighters of the Perlemian Haul, the agents applied for and gained employment with the orbital platform's shiphands and dockworkers, where they survived the rigors of work aboard Martle Station while waiting for the convoy to arrive in the Remduba system.[1]

Infiltrating the freighter[]

When the Perlemian Haul finally arrived, Martle Station became the site of high levels of activity. Almost every workgang aboard the platform was assigned a cargo docking bay. Orbital containers containing large quantities of ore mined on and transported up from Remduba II were at once loaded on the station's cargo tugs and ferried out to the convoy, while the Perlemian Haul's freighters were unloaded in return—all done by workgangs sent out both to deliver and retrieve cargo.[1]

The Rebel strike force infiltrated Freighter M226, a Temple-class heavy freighter (pictured), at Martle Station.

A security screen was provided both by Martle Station's and the convoy's TIE/LN starfighters, and the orbital platform's security troops maintained a more highly visible presence while overseeing the proceedings. However, under the cover of the heavy activity, the Rebel strike force was able to infiltrate the rear loading bay of its target freighter, where the vessel's crew assisted the Martle Station dockworkers with unloading cargo. The Rebels then began to make their way to the forward-located command module of the 400-meter-long vessel, and the Perlemian Haul eventually left Martle Station and the Remduba system.[1]


The information broker Passk was personally acquainted with both the working class of Martle Station and Governor Varla Prule.

Martle Station was home to nearly 2,000 citizens, of which the majority were working-class people employed as dockworkers, shiphands, and station support staff, as well as civilian businesspeople and employees working to keep the former fed and entertained. The Trandoshan shop-owner and information broker Passk belonged to the latter segment of the population and had extensive knowledge on the underground economy of Martle Station, having many contacts and associates among the station's workgangs of dockhands, including Raf, the Zabrak leader of the Big Black workgang.[1]

Passk also had extensive dealings with the being in charge of Martle Station, Imperial Governor Varla Prule of the Remduba system. The governor was highly corrupt, and the pair made several illicit transactions, records of which—along with incriminating physical evidence—Passk held as a type of insurance while dealing with Prule. The Galactic Empire also had a military presence aboard Martle Station in the form of a TIE fighter squadron and a small garrison of Human Imperial Navy troopers.[1]

The officials of Martle Station were bored and corrupt, and the traffic control staff of station control was lazy. Whenever a vessel approached the station and was detected on its sensors, the latter would request identification be transmitted, only to perform lax scrutiny on the provided credentials. As a result of the corruption of the station's authorities, docking fees were inflated.[1]


"Welcome to Passk's Oddities, my friends. What can Passk do for you on this fine day?"
―Passk, to members of a Rebel strike force[1]

The layout of Martle Station was spread across multiple decks. While access to some of them—such as those used by Governor Prule, the station's Imperial garrison, and other Imperial concerns, as well as the deck serving as the station's command and control center—was restricted, the majority of the orbital platform was open to visitors. The area of Martle Station considered its urban center contained the curiosities shop known as Passk's Oddities.[1]

Martle Station's command and control center contained computer terminals that could be used to access the memory banks of the center's computer systems. The station, including its control and command deck, had light security, including mechanical locks, cameras, and occasional patrols by Imperial Navy troopers. In addition, Martle Station was equipped with several cargo docking bays, which were used by the station's dockworkers to load and unload any visiting starships.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

Martle Station appeared in the roleplaying game adventure "Perlemian Haul." It was included in the 2014 Core Rulebook of the Fantasy Flight Games' Star Wars: Age of Rebellion roleplaying game. The adventure provides the player-characters with several alternate methods of gathering information while aboard Martle Station. In addition, it is suggested that, upon the Perlemian Haul's arrival at Martle Station, the characters can either stow aboard their target freighter on one of Martle Station's cargo tugs or cargo canisters, or be sent to the freighter to handle cargo as part of one of the station's workgangs. This article assumes as many of those scenarios as possible play out as described without contradicting each other.[1]


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