"The Martyrium of Frozen Tears. The scriptures say there's a confessional made of solid kyberite."
"Oh, sorry. I was just thinking about regrets. Seemed fitting. Narrowed it down to somewhere in the Deep Core—never found the damn place. Ah well."
―Korin Aphra and Chelli Aphra[5]

The Martyrium of Frozen Tears was a location within a Jedi Temple[2] in the Meridional Ice Cap on the planet Tython,[3] that held a confessional made of pure kyberite.[2] The scholar Korin Aphra attempted to track down its location, learning that it was in the Deep Core, but was unable to find it.[5] Later, Korin's daughter Chelli Lona Aphra led Darth Vader to the Martyrium as a diversion to mislead him from the Rebel Alliance's main base on the Outer Rim planet Hoth.[3]

At some point, the Alliance used the site as a base. During the Rebel occupation of the site, Luke Skywalker visited the Martyrium to make a confession. Later, Vader, now a member of the Schism Imperial, returned to the Martyrium with other members of the Schism to acquire the kyberite located there. While there, Vader saw visions of confessions from generations of Jedi who had previously visited the Martyrium, including a vision of Skywalker's confession. Vader ordered his followers to collect as much kyberite as their starships could carry and then to destroy the temple, which the Schism followed through on.[2]

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