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"Marwigo, call the authorities."

Marwigo was a WA-7 service unit that worked in Loubo's diner on Stobar and encountered Savage Opress, while he was searching for his brother around 20 BBY. Loubo shouted for Marwigo to call the authorities when Opress choked the waitress Sassi.

Behind the scenes[edit | edit source]

Originally, Marwigo was supposed to actually get Opress's order first, with the droid eventually passing him off to Sassi due to not having luck getting his order, and that Opress's violent outburst towards Sassi was due to the latter reaching for his medallion. However, all of this was cut from the final episode, with Sassi attempting to get Opress's order from the start, and Opress attacking Sassi unprovoked.

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