The Mashi Horansi, a subspecies of the Horansi, native to Mutanda, were the "mystical" tribe in Horansi society, and through their spiritual ways and keen insight, they kept the Horansi in tune with nature and the spirit world around them.

Mashi stood on average between 1.5 and 2 meters tall. Their fur was jet black, and their eyes were a yellow-gold. They were a very elusive race and were purely nocturnal, and they were also some of the best hunters in the galaxy - only the most skilled trackers could ever successfully track one. As a result the pelt of a Mashi Horansi was prized by other races.

They were considered the mystics and prophets in Horansi society, and were in-tune with the planet, Mutanda; they were also very spiritual, and in touch with the spirits. When a Mashi appeared, it was an omen they brought, and when they spoke, the Horansi paid very close attention.


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