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"One of history's tall tales? Maybe. But a generator capable of existing in hyperspace and realspace simultaneously would be bad news. Fortunately, nothing suggests the Empire has made any breakthroughs."
―Colonel Haxen Delto, in a report to General Airen Cracken[src]

The Mass Shadow Generator was a rumored superweapon that could simultaneously exist in realspace and hyperspace. The generator was included in a Rebel Alliance report compiled by Colonel Haxen Delto that listed possible Imperial superweapon projects and was incorporated into The Rebel Files.


The Mass Shadow Generator was a rumored superweapon that could allegedly exist simultaneously in realspace and hyperspace. According to a Rebel Alliance report, the generator was shown to be axially symmetrical in design. The device's metallic gray superstructure comprised four truncated pyramids, with a trench running along the two larger pyramids in the center and two dishes positioned at the ends of each of the smaller pyramids.[1]


Sometime between the years[1] 5 BBY and 0 BBY,[2] the head of the communications unit of Alliance Intelligence, Colonel Haxen Delto, submitted a report to Chief of Rebel Intelligence General Airen Cracken regarding various possible Imperial superweapon projects. The report discussed the rumored Mass Shadow Generator, and although the prospect of the generator worried Delto, it seemed to him that the Empire had not made any breakthroughs in development. Delto also mentioned the possibility that the Mass Shadow Generator was one of history's tall tales.[1]

Delto's report was eventually incorporated into The Rebel Files, a central data repository containing a non-electronic copy of sensitive Rebel Alliance intelligence.[1] In 34 ABY,[3] The Rebel Files were uncovered in the ruins of the Tak-Beam complex, a Rebel Alliance base on the Mid Rim world of Durkteel, and passed down to General Leia Organa of the Resistance. While reviewing The Rebel Files, Resistance Major Caluan Ematt left a handwritten note stating that the superweapon information should be passed on to Resistance Intelligence, as some of those listed had since entered the history logs while others could have been restarted by the First Order.[1]

Behind the scenesEdit

The Mass Shadow Generator first appeared in the new Star Wars canon in the boxed set and reference book Star Wars: The Rebel Files, which was authored by Daniel Wallace[1] and released on November 21, 2017.[4] It had previously been featured in the 2004 Star Wars Legends video game Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords.[5] The physical appearance of the canon Mass Shadow Generator closely resembles that of the Galactic Empire's Gravity Well Station, which appeared in the 2006 Legends video game Star Wars: Empire at War.[6]


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