"Recall the Sun Guard. When they're done here–
No. I know where the Gran are. It won't be business as usual this time, Master
Darth Plagueis and Darth Sidious[src]

The massacre at the Gran Protectorate Embassy took place in the Gran Protectorate Embassy in 52 BBY, which saw the death of Senator Pax Teem at the hands of Sith apprentice Darth Sidious who rid himself and his Master Darth Plagueis of an opponent.


Senator Pax Teem decided to eliminate Senator Palpatine of Naboo and his ally and Master Hego Damask - secretly the Sith Lord Darth Plagueis - due to Naboo's position at a recent vote in the Galactic Senate and the conspiracies the two engaged in. To that end, Teem hired Maladian assassins to kidnap and kill Palpatine while others would attack Hego Damask at the initiation of Larsh Hill into the Order of the Canted Circle at their lodge in the Fobosi District.

Palpatine had then been kidnapped and conversed briefly with Teem before Sun Guards rescued him. He conversed with Damask who told him to go about his usual business, and so he headed for his residence. When Sate Pestage arrived, Palpatine suddenly realized that Teem had also targeted Damask and the two rushed to the lodge.

The Maladian assassins infiltrated the lodge and killed Larsh Hill along with several others, and gravely wounding Damask. However, Sate Pestage and Palpatine arrived at the scene and eliminated the assassins but Damask was forced to wear a transpirator as a result of his sustained wounds.

The MassacreEdit

After the assassination attempt on Damask failed and the Sun Guard discovered that Teem was hosting a party in the Gran Protectorate Embassy to celebrate his presumed victory over the Muun, Darth Sidious went there to kill Teem personally. Purposely leaving Teem for last, Sidious slaughtered everyone else who was present, including the guests that Teem had invited to a feast. After butchering Teem's family, friends and guests right before his horrified eyes, Sidious used the Force to set fire to a floor-to-ceiling curtain that fell atop the Gran, enveloping him and roasting him alive.


After surviving the attempt on his life and deciding that Damask Holdings would not be reformed, Hego Damask retreated from the affairs of the Galaxy, with some presuming him dead.

By 33 BBY, Pax Teem had been succeeded by his aide, Aks Moe and Ainlee Teem.


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