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"Tell me and I will be merciful -- I will only destroy your city, Jenith. But if you remain silent, and a second Jedi is revealed -- I will destroy them all!"
―Daiman torturing Gorlan Palladane[src]

A massacre of the city of Jenith was ordered by the Sith Lord Daiman on Chelloa during the Chelloa campaign in 1032 BBY. This was part of a planetwide security crackdown in retaliation for Gorlan Palladane transmitting intelligence on the Chelloan baradium mining operations to both the Jedi Order and the rival Sith Lord Odion. The operation also sought to root out members of the Chelloan resistance and their family members. Daimanate Sith troopers pillaged and burnt Jenith, slaughtering much of its population. Much of the town was also burnt to the ground.

The Palladane household was also invaded by two Sith troopers including an unmasked Human male. They pursued the Palladane family indoors, presumably to arrest or murder them due to their involvement in the Chelloan resistance. However, they were stopped by a lightsaber-wielding Jedi Knight Kerra Holt who slew both of them. She then went to rescue Gorlan from Daiman's prison, in the process rescuing several Chelloan leaders. The refugees were later evacuated to a safehouse in the town of Arboth where Palladane and Holt made efforts to evacuate the Chelloan people.

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