Massassi language

Massassi warriors speak to each other in their language.

Massassi was an ancient tongue spoken by the Massassi, a primitive but Force-sensitive race of the Sith species. It was briefly replaced in use by the Sith.

This Massassi writing system used symbols, but one symbol did not always correspond to one letter in the Aurebesh or High Galactic alphabets. This resulted in a wide range of time-consuming possibilities when translating. Notable texts in the language included the Books of Massassi. Dark Lord of the Sith Exar Kun had hieroglyphs in the Massassi tongue etched into the obsidian walls of his temple.

By 16 ABY, the Jedi Master Streen had completed translating sixteen tablets of the Books of Massassi. In 22 ABY, during their time at the Jedi Praxeum on Yavin 4, Jedi trainees Anakin Solo and Tahiri Veila translated ancient Massassi symbols to learn how to break the curse of the Golden Globe which had been constructed by the Dark Lord Exar Kun in order to imprison the children of the Massassi and drain their powers for his purposes.


  • Mnnt Yttl Gythh Wyyrl Tmmn Zyrth - He is the one we have waited for... bring him to the Temple of Fire![source?]

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Example of Massassi script from The Illustrated Star Wars Universe

Visual examples of Massassi script can be seen in Ralph McQuarrie's The Illustrated Star Wars Universe.[1]




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