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"You gave me this humanoid form and, perhaps unconsciously, some humanoid characteristics as well. If ever I had a Human friend, I would like it to be you."

Master-Com was the name given to a number of stocky, humanoid droids that served Senator Simon Greyshade aboard The Wheel, during the early years of the Galactic Civil War.


Master-Com was patched directly into the computer systems of The Wheel, and monitored virtually every aspect of the station at any time, including security and life support. It was installed on the station just prior to the Clone Wars and was serving as aide to Simon Greyshade when the Imperial Commander Strom tried to take control of The Wheel.[2] The officer was forced to destroy Master-Com in order to reach Greyshade. Greyshade, however, revealed that Master-Com was not a single droid.

A new and improved version of the Master-Com droid was activated, helping to thwart Strom's schemes. This new Master-Com unit was quite interested in the self-sufficiency of R2-D2 and C-3PO, and arranged for them to be freed after they were placed in storage for later reprogramming. When Greyshade confronted Master-Com about his interest in the droids, Master-Com explained that he simply wanted to have some friends.

This new Master-Com unit also perished in a hail of Imperial blaster-fire, when it attempted to open Greyshade's personal docking bay so that the Administrator could escape from Strom. Luckily, it was able to transfer control of the station to a third body, which emerged from hiding to discover that R2-D2 had recordings of all the treacherous activities of Greyshade and Strom.

The third Master-Com body was severely damaged in the blast of a proton grenade thrown by Greyshade at approaching stormtroopers, when the Administrator attempted to atone for his previous unprincipled behavior towards Leia Organa and her friends Luke Skywalker and Han Solo, who had come to The Wheel seeking medical assistance for the injured Skywalker.

Master-Com was injured to the point of leaking vital fluids, as it cradled the badly wounded body of its friend Simon Greyshade in the smoke-filled ruins of one of The Wheel's docking bays.[3] Despite the injuries, Master-Com continued in its administrative capacity following Greyshade's death and was present during the Yuuzhan Vong War, when it aided the Wheel's security teams fend off a Vong assault.[2]

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The New Essential Guide to Droids confuses the Jubilee Wheel and the Wheel space stations, mistakenly stating that Big Bunji was the Wheel's administrator and that the Wheel's Master-Com controlling intelligence aided Big Bunji against the Yuuzhan Vong assault.



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