The Master in Violet was a female Zabrak and one of the Five Masters, the leader of the Five Masters on Cularin. Taking Barnab Chistor as her apprentice about a year before the Clone Wars, she taught him specialized exercises and meditation techniques that gave the Governor a better physical and mental condition. It was even rumored that they shared a physical relationship, though neither showed their feelings for each other in public.

The Master in Violet was an adept in the K'thri martial arts, which she taught to her disciples in the Violet Gallery. When the Five Masters Academy was attacked by an unknown force, shortly after the Clone Wars, the Master in Violet was the last of the organization to survive. Chistor found her fighting back against the assailant, who was seemingly a blur that the eye could not focus on. Unable to determine a good way to combat the attacker, Chistor took up a weapon that had been developed to fight General Grievous and fired at the shadowy form. In the following explosion, the attacker escaped into the jungle, but the Master in Violet was able to survive the attack. However, the dead bodies of her students were reanimated, and they were forced to fight their way free of the Violet Gallery. They fled into the jungle, and were not seen again.



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