The Masters' Retreat was an enclave maintained on the planet Tython by the Jedi Order after the Republic's defeat in the Great Galactic War at the hands of the reconstituted Sith Empire and throughout the Cold War.


Following the destruction of the Coruscant Jedi Temple and the relocation of the Jedi Order to their ancestral homeworld Tython, the Jedi High Council commissioned the construction of the Masters' Retreat on a ridge overlooking the Gnarls region, located just northwest of the Jedi Temple. The retreat was used by Jedi Masters who worked with the Temple's academy, overseeing the training of the Order's students.[1]


A multi-story structure located on the edge of a small and rocky mountain, the retreat suspended over a lake. The base of the complex consisted of several offices and two spacious landing pads, generally accommodating airspeeder traffic from the Tythonian Gnarls. The upper levels were housed within a large, squat cupola which made up the bulk of the facility.[1]



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