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Mastiff Phalones were a non-sentient species of avian quadrupeds that were native to the savannas of Maridun. As carnivores, they were dangerous predators.[1]


In 22 BBY[2], several mastiff phalones ambushed several clone troopers under Jedi General Aayla Secura, Commander Ahsoka Tano and Commander Bly. Another attacked Captain Rex as he protected a badly wounded General Skywalker at their ship's crash site. Rex was able to shoot's one of it's feet and it ran off scared. A pair of mastiff phalones then went for Rex and Skywalker. Rex was able to kill one, but the other was able to charge at him and destroy Skywalker's shelter. As it prepared to kill Skywalker, Wag Too, Tano and Rex were then able to tie up the mastiff phalone's leg and leave it alive.[1]

At some point, Garnac and his hunting guild had one mounted in the bowels of their mobile base.[3]

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