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The mastiff phalone was a large, aggressive, avian-like carnivorous bird native to the savannas of Maridun.

Biology and appearanceEdit

Mastif phalone pair

A pair of mastiff phalones stalking prey.

Mastiff phalones were quadrupedal pack hunters about two meters long. Mastiff phalones were apparently of avian descent, though flightless, with a broad, flat head with a sharp beak, and a mane of large brown feathers. They had a muscular build with sharp talons large enough to wrap around a man's waist. They tended to hunt in groups and used the tall grasses of Maridun's savannahs as cover. They were fierce creatures but tended to retreat from an attack if the prey was too powerful, only to later attack the same prey again. The immigrated Lurmen had found a peaceful way of dealing with them by a group effort of having several Lurmen distract the mastiff phalone, while one of the group took a rope and tied it around the legs of the mastiff phalone, thus immobilizing the creature. The Lurmen later released the captive mastiff phalone back into the wild.


A group of mastiff phalones ambushed the Jedi party of Aayla Secura, Ahsoka Tano, Bly and three clone troopers, One also attacked Rex and Anakin Skywalker back at their crash site. Rex narrowly escaped this attack, and allowed it to run off and bring back a second mastiff phalone. The two mastiff phalones then attacked the crash site. Rex managed to kill one with his blaster, but the second mastiff phalone was able to evade the blaster fire. The mastiff phalone then destroyed Skywalker's tent and prepared to kill Skywalker. Tano, Bly and a Lurmen healer named Wag Too then arrived. As Ahsoka went to strike down the beast, Wag stopped her with a warning and tied a rope to its legs. Together with Ahsoka and Rex, they pulled the rope, tipping the creature on its side to be tied up.[2]

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Mastif phalone size comparison

A mastiff phalone and a human silhouette.



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