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"There is no one in the Outer Rim as reliable as you, my little mastmot."
―Lady Valarian using the word mastmot as a term of endearment[src]

Mastmots (aka, motmots in some Whiphid dialects) were massive, thick-furred, quadrupedal ungulates with two nasal horns, two long tusks, long ears, and a dorsal hump over the shoulders.

Herd-dwelling herbivores, they lived on the harsh, frigid world of Toola. The indigenous Whiphid people hunted the mastmots, using the body parts for food, clothing, shelter, and tools. Their tusks were often made into necklaces.[1]

The mastmots could be domesticated as riding mounts, and were so used by Clone Commander Keller's forces on Toola during the Outer Rim Sieges.

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Whiphids hunt a mastmot

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