Sub-Prefect Matagorn was a male individual who served under Imperial Prefect Ursellis during the reign of the Galactic Empire. After Ursellis began issuing large numbers of Legal Authorization for Advanced Confinement Document documents in order to deal with her foes, Matagorn was charged with administering the LAAC documents and he complained about his heavy workload and the fact that he was forced to deal with the Srrors'tok bounty hunter Tyionsis Cex. Matagorn displayed his displeasure to Cex and after he made a joke to the bounty hunter about Cex being the "LAACkey" of Imperial High Inquisitor Antinnis Tremayne, he incurred the hunters ire. A few days later, Matagorn was apprehended by Cex while on vacation and killed, and pieces of his body were subsequently found scattered across various localities, including Gevis City and Verdson. At some point afterward, the Sub-Prefect Helkson Vall recounted the tale of Matagorn's demise to Intel Agent 438432.

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