The Matale estate was the residence of the Matale family on Dantooine. Its owner was Ahlan Matale, who lived with his son, Shen.

Near the close of the Jedi Civil War at 3956 BBY, a battle group under the command of Darth Malak assaulted the area around the Jedi Enclave as well as the nearby Rakatan ruins. The Matale estate was damaged in the attack, and the fate of its inhabitants are unknown.

As time passed, the estate was eventually reclaimed by the planet's loose government faction, the Khoonda, and repaired. The structure itself was renamed Khoonda as well and became the center of government.

In 3951 BBY, the Jedi Exile was known to have assisted in the defense of Khoonda by repelling Azkul and his mercenary force attempting to seize control of the government for the Exchange. This conflict was eventually known as the Battle of Khoonda.

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According to Kaevee, all members of the Matale family were killed and their estate was burned when the Revan's Sith Empire invaded Dantooine. Since this was ultimately cut from the final game, however, this is considered non-canon.


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