The Matale family was composed of two members: Ahlan Matale, the father, and Shen Matale, his son. They lived in a private estate on Dantooine. The Matale family had a long running feud with the Sandral family. Even with assistance from the Jedi Enclave on the planet, no compromise could be reached to settle the arguing. Later Shen, was kidnapped by Nurik, who believed his son Casus was killed by the Matales. When the Jedi Revan arrived at the Sandral estate, Rahasia, Nurik's daughter, told Revan about Shen's kidnapping. Due to Revan's interference, Shen escaped with Rahasia, but both were ambushed by their parents outside the estate. Revan was able to convince the fathers to allow their kids to live their own lives, and the two agreed to purchase a new house for their kids.

Following the attack of Dantooine by Darth Malak, it is possible that Ahlan Matale abandoned the estate. It is uncertain what happened to the family following the attack, but they were "removed" from Dantooine, so they were either forced off the planet or killed by the Sith.

Behind the scenesEdit

According to Kaevee, all members of the Matale family were killed and their estate was burned when the Sith Empire invaded Dantooine. Since this was ultimately cut from the final game, however, this is considered non-canon.

If Revan fails to persuade Ahlan or Nurik to allow their children to marry, Shen and Rahasia run away to the Jedi Enclave, leaving their families behind (and most likely die in when Darth Malak attacks the Enclave). Revan can also convince Shen to leave Rahasia and return home with his father. Another possibility is, Revan can help Shen escape with Rahasia and then be confronted by Ahlan Matale and Nurik Sandral accompanied by two battle droids each. Then Revan can incite violence between the two families and the result is Nurik, Ahlan, Shen and Rahasia are killed. Revan can then lie about this to the Jedi Council.



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