"Your contact—the one you met with here—someone ID'd him as a former special op."
Molo, to Has Obitt[src]

Matese was a male human who was a former Judicial Forces soldier turned Republic Intelligence direct action operative active during the Clone Wars. Matese and his men served under Orson Callan Krennic in his schemes for power. During Orson's initial scheme, Matese was part of the team tasked with rescuing Galen Walton Erso, Lyra Erso and Jyn Erso from their Separatist captives on the planet Vallt, first assisting during the Mission to Merj and finally the rescue. After the conclusion of the war, which cost Matese an eye, Matese was conscripted in Krennic's newest scheme to use the resources of the Legacy worlds for the Death Star project, having Has Obitt and his crew bring in weapons that Separatist holdouts were attempting to claim. An Imperial officer later informed Has that Matese was dead, during Ryloth celebrating its[1] third anniversary[source?] of its liberation.[1]

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