Matric Klauskin was a Human male from Commenor. As of 40 ABY, he was an admiral in the Galactic Alliance Defense Fleet. He served as captain of the Dodonna, as well as commander of the Second Fleet task force that invaded the Corellian system and occupied Tralus.


A native of Commenor, Klauskin had an unusual condition, in that he was visited by his dead wife, Edela. The apparition, maintained by the Sith Lumiya from a distant location, influenced him into carrying out actions which were designed to foment conflict between the Galactic Alliance and Corellia, such as the ill-fated Operation Roundabout, where he invaded Tralus. His aide, Fiav Fenn, found him crying out for his dead wife after the operation concluded. He was replaced by Tarla Limpan, and was committed to a hospital on Coruscant.[1]

Klauskin was to play a further part in events. His homeworld, Commenor, had voiced support for Corellia under Fyor Rodan. Lumiya, recognizing a chance to bring Commenor into the conflict, visited him again in the guise of Edela and controlled him as he escaped the hospital and traveled to the Galactic Alliance scout screen around Bothawui, whose three assault fleets had been pledged to the Corellian cause. Blustering his way aboard the Shamunaar, Klauskin tricked the ship's commander, Biurk, into recalling the defense screen, whereupon he killed the captain and opened the entire ship to vacuum, killing the crew, while secure in the auxiliary bridge. He then turned the ship over to the Bothans and Tathak K'roylan, whose fleets attacked the Galactic Alliance's Blockade of Corellia, and broke their hold on the system.[2]

Following Commenor's similar successful assault on the blockade, Matric Klauskin returned to his homeworld, where he was praised as a hero and retired.[2]

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Matric Klauskin was created as a secondary character for the first book of the Legacy of the Force series, Legacy of the Force: Betrayal, written by Aaron Allston. He later appeared in Legacy of the Force: Exile, the fourth book in the series and the second book of the series written by Allston.


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