Matthew Stuart Busch (born September 22, 1972) is an artist who illustrated several West End Games publications, and recently did sketch cards for the Star Wars: 30th Anniversary Trading Card Set. He was also one of two artists for the book You Can Draw: Star Wars along with Thomas Hodges.

Busch can be credited with the creation of the droid MB-RA-7, which he featured in Star Wars Kids from 1998 to 2000. The droid would later be recreated by Hasbro as part of its 2008 "Build-a-Droid" figures.[1]

Busch drew a representation of Chewbacca's death which he hosted on his own site. The image is no longer there, but is still viewable on the Unofficial New Jedi Order Homepage.


Chewbacca Dies

The death of Chewbacca by Matt Busch.

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