"... A rancor foaming at the mouth..."
Mandalore the Vindicated, speaking about Mavrix Varad[src]

Mavrix Varad was a male Mandalorian warrior who lived during the time of the Cold War, a conflict waged between the Galactic Republic and the Sith Empire. The chieftain of Clan Varad, Mavrix was considered bloodthirsty by his peers, and led his clan in numerous raids from their hidden compounds in the Tamarin sector. Varad forced his clan kinsmen to face harsh combat trials, and those who did not live up to his high standards were left for sparring or hunting practice for the clan's younger members. Varad's radical ideas clashed with those of the reigning Mand'alor, Mandalore the Vindicated, who held a low opinion of Varad and banned members of his clan from the Mandalorian-held stronghold of Geonosis.[1]

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Personality and traitsEdit

"You're worthy opponents but this ship belongs to Clan Varad! Time for you to die"
―Mavrix Varad confronting the forces send by the Republic and Sith Empire[src]

Mavrix was bloodthirsty and battle hungry for war, causing him have fights with Mandalore the Vindicated who thought him nothing more of a rancor with a foaming mouth.

Mavrix Varad only expected the best of his warriors of his clan, those who do not meet his standards would end up finding themselves becoming hunting or sparring practice for younger members of Varad. His bloodthirsty nature would cause him grow restless when the Republic and Sith Empire signed the treaty. He eventually made the decision to break off from Mandalore's leadership and turn against him. However despite all of his dishonorable and radical traits, when confronted by the Republic and Sith Empire before then being defeated by them, he showed no fear of death.

Behind the scenesEdit

Mavrix Varad first appeared in Star Wars canon in the BioWare-made MMORPG, Star Wars: The Old Republic.


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