"We'd sooner see their bones picked clean by scavengers than let them be a meal for your garbage eater."
Human prisoner on Selvaris[src]

Maw luurs were creatures used by the Yuuzhan Vong as waste disposal systems.


Maw luurs would absorb the waste the Yuuzhan Vong generated, and convert it to vital materials such as metal, nutrients, and air. Maw luurs were often grown into the exoskeletons of the worldships to provide the vessel vital nutrients and oxygen to the Yuuzhan Vong on board. It was theorized that maw luurs could provide atmospheres for entire planets.

They contained recham forteps that served as a type of organ for the maw luur. They also contained symbiotic lifeforms which were used to digest larger foods.


The worldship Baanu Miir was an aging coral craft who was so old that its maw luur began to become diseased and suffer from mutations. Master Shaper Nen Yim tasked her Initiates with fixing the problems of the maw luur of the vessel. A much larger version of the maw luur was present on Coruscant when it was reformed into Yuuzhan'tar during the Yuuzhan Vong empire's rule of the galactic capital.



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