Mawan was a Galactic Core world.


A civil war known as the Great Purge in 36 BBY left the beautiful capital Naatan devastated and in the control of three rival crimelords, one of them being Granta Omega in disguise. In 25 BBY, Obi-Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker restored the planet to peace, though not before Jedi Master Yaddle died from a deadly chemical weapon she absorbed to save the city of Naatan and thousands of inhabitants. The weapon was detonated by Omega.

Later, 8t88 murdered Zokor Polpot on Mawan.


The social structure on Mawan was rather hierarchal, with the utilities (especially the water system) being run by the lowest caste. After the civil war, however, the structure was completely disrupted, with some utility workers gaining moderate power and exploitation of the common citizens.

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