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"Sure I remember the Battle of Denubba. It was quite a spectacle."
―Maxine Baytor[src]

Maxine Baytor was once a General in the Galactic Republic, during which time she participated in the Battle of Denubba. Shortly after Palpatine's declaration of a New Order, she led a group of retired troops, known collectively as the Renegade Legionnaires, against the Galactic Empire. Baytor managed to escape to Tatooine, where she spent her time collecting rumors about the former members of her company. This led her to find other tidbits of information on the Imperials, which she sold to the local syndicate. Although she was not proud of doing this, she would rather sell the information than starve on the streets. Baytor was only one of many informants working for the syndicate. By the time of the Galactic Civil War, she had become a weathered woman with gentle creases in her face, and her once brown hair had started to gain gray shots.

Sometime during the war, however, the Empire believed that some of her former soldiers were in fact moles working for the Rebellion. Because of this, they tasked the local police forces of Tatooine to imprison Maxine. A group of Rebels discovered that she had been captured and were asked by a local to rescue her. To accomplish this, they met in a cantina with Verral Kayrell, a mechanic at the police station. They made a deal with him where they would acquire a Natrilux conductor relay in exchange for him leaving the garage door to the station unlocked. Soon after this the group was approached by a Wookiee working for the local syndicate named Nilwoon who offered them 15,000 credits if they gave Maxine to him, although the group turned him down. Though stormtroopers were assigned to the police station, the group managed to free Maxine. After this they had a fight on their hands to get off planet but eventually managed to escape and delivered Maxine to a Rebel Alliance base. Maxine then decided to reform the Renegade Legionnaires to work for the Rebel Alliance, and invited the group who had rescued her to meet with them. Though they were not as young as they had once been, they still had much to contribute to the Alliance.


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