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"Maz and the Gigantic Blorp – Chapter 1" is the sixth episode of the animated shorts series Star Wars Roll Out. It was first released September 13, 2019 on YouTube.

Official descriptionEdit

Maz's castle on Takodana is a den of pirates, smugglers, spies, and other scoundrels. While she welcomes all types from across the galaxy, a tiny creature called a blorp threatens to cause big trouble.[1]

Plot summaryEdit

In the opening credits, BB-8 and a Star Wars ball lead the way followed by Rey, Maz Kanata, Finn, Captain Phasma, two stormtroopers, Ben Solo, Han Solo, Chewbacca, and three porgs.

Maz is going about her businees, caring for the partons of her castle on Takodana, when two strangers wearing skull masks come to Maz's Castle carrying a box with a blorp inside. Maz comes to greet them, enamored of the blobby green creature. The two do not appreciate the attention, but just as tension between them and Maz is beginning to overflow, Maz is distracted by loud sounds coming from the kitchen. There, everyone is panicking over a large blue fire and Maz has to calm them down by putting it out with a ceiling sprinkler.

Wanting the rest after all the commotion, Maz goes to her own little private room, which is located behind the communications and command center. She climbs a rocking chair and falls to sleep.

Down in the castle, the blorp once again peeks out of its box to meet a trio of small aliens with antennae on their heads. Unhappy with its behavior, the blorp's keepers beat its cage and then electrocute him for misbehavior, which puts the creature into a frenzy. It retreats back to its box and begins jumping wildly, until it grows gigantic, busting the box and overwhelming the violators.

Waking up with a jump, Maz rushes down to the catle floor to see the gigantic blorp having already ensnared its keepers in its jelly-like body, where they bop around. Jashco Phurus and another try to attack the creature with blasters, but they don't make a scratch and the blorp catches them as well.


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