"If our leaders will not make them obey our laws, we must!"
―Mazara, to the citizens of Falleen[1]

Mazara was a female Falleen journalist who lived in the capital city of the planet Falleen. She was the leader of a group that led protests against large corporations and their business practices. During a protest in 24 BBY, Mazara was targeted for assassination by one of these corporations, Blackwater Systems. Several Jedi investigating the same company for its connections to the criminal Granta Omega destroyed the droids sent to assassinate Mazara. In return for saving her life, she told the Jedi everything she knew about Blackwater Systems and its involvement with Omega.


"Can you get us inside the factory?"
"That is easy. There are Falleen in the employment office who will help us. I can get you inside as workers. After that, the rest is up to you."
―Obi-Wan Kenobi and Mazara[1]

Mazara, a female Falleen, was an environmental and workers' rights activist born on the planet Falleen. She was trained in journalism and worked as a journalist in Falleen's capital city,[2] Falleen Throne.[3] During the course of her work, Mazara wrote an article exposing the Blackwater Systems corporation for breaking many of Falleen's laws. The article was published against the wishes of her editors, and after its publication they forced her to leave her job rather than support her work.[1] Mazara then became the leader of a small rebel group of Falleen founded just before the Clone Wars. The group attempted to stop large corporations from polluting their homeworld while protesting the terrible living conditions that workers endured due to the overdevelopment of Falleen Throne. While leading the group, Mazara staged small rallies in an attempt to show workers the truth.[2] She was targeted for assassination by Blackwater Systems for leading protests against their business practices, as well as planning to break into their factory to steal information on the products they produced and the illegal experiments being performed in the wing of the facility.[1]

In 24 BBY, the Jedi Knights Obi-Wan Kenobi and Siri Tachi, along with their apprentices, Anakin Skywalker and Ferus Olin, saved Mazara from an assassination attempt after a failed protest in the Yellow District of Falleen. During the Jedi's search for the criminal Granta Omega, the man who had orchestrated the death of Jedi Master Yaddle and financed the creation of the Zone of Self-Containment drug, Mazara assisted them by sharing what she knew about Blackwater Systems, its connections to Omega, and its role in producing the drug. She also provided the Jedi with the name of an employment officer, Wanuri, who could give them access to the facility so that they could further investigate for signs of Omega and the Zone of Self-Containment.[1]

Personality and traits[]

"Both our land and our skies are becoming dumping grounds. I've seen it happen to other worlds. I can't watch it happen to my homeworld."

Mazara was described as being tall for her species, bearing its distinctive skin coloring of gray-green scales. A compassionate and honest individual, Mazara refused to lie and would not hide the truth; her honesty got her fired from her job as a journalist. She cared deeply about her homeworld and its citizens, to the extent that she was willing to take up the common Falleen's cause and stage rallies in support of them.[2] She was also willing to break the law to try to improve the conditions on Falleen. Her speaking voice was expressive, strong, persuasive.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

Mazara featured in the young adult novel Jedi Quest: The False Peace, the ninth volume in the Jedi Quest series, written by Jude Watson and released in 2004.[1]



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