"No such thing as too young to stand up for what's right."

Mazi was a Human male from the planet Alderaan. The day before Alderaan's destruction in 0 BBY by the Galactic Empire's first Death Star, Mazi traveled to Alderaan's sister planet, Delaya, with his brothers, Lan and Jez, to watch a smashball tournament. Following his homeworld's destruction, Mazi and his siblings became thieves in order to survive on Delaya. They tried to rob Princess Leia Organa but were called off by Ferus Olin, a former Jedi, who threatened to stop giving them odd jobs if they continued thieving. When Organa was captured by a faction that blamed her family for Alderaan's obliteration, Mazi revealed the faction's hideout to Organa's Rebel companions, allowing for her rescue. Afterward, the brothers decided to join the Rebel Alliance as soldiers.


Early years[]

"There was a smashball tournament on Delaya. We got permission to go to the game, stay overnight on our own, then go back to Alderaan in the morning."
"But that was the day—"
"Yeah. That was the day. So here we are. On our own."
―Mazi and Han Solo, on Alderaan's destruction[1]

Mazi was a Human male native of the planet Alderaan who lived during the time of the Galactic Civil War. The day before Alderaan's destruction by the Galactic Empire's first Death Star[1] in 0 BBY,[2] Mazi went to see a smashball tournament on Alderaan's sister planet, Delaya, with his younger brothers, Lan and Jez. Despite the brothers' young age, Mazi was able to convince their parents to allow them to go.[1]

Alderaan, Mazi's homeworld

After Alderaan's destruction, Mazi and his siblings survived on Delaya as thieves. Being the oldest of the three, Mazi acted as the leader of the group. Ferus Olin, a former Jedi and another survivor of Alderaan, tried to dissuade them from turning to crime by giving them odd jobs to earn credits. When Princess Leia Organa of Alderaan visited Delaya to assist the refugee effort and recruit new members to the Rebel Alliance, Mazi and his brothers attempted to rob her. Han Solo, one of Organa's companions, tried to placate the orphans, but the standoff was broken when Olin intervened and disarmed Mazi, who was holding Organa at knifepoint with a vibroblade. After Olin cautioned the orphans that he would stop giving them errands if they continued getting into trouble, the brothers retreated.[1]

The next day, a memorial service was held in a chamber within the city for those who had perished on Alderaan. Mazi and his siblings attended the event but could not get inside the building in which the memorial was held due to the large crowd. They were spotted by Solo who quickly grabbed Mazi into a hold, prompting Jez and Lan to come to his aid. Despite their fear, Jez and Lan stood their ground and demanded Solo let Mazi go. Impressed by the kids putting on a brave front, Solo released Mazi and befriended the brothers, offering food and a chance to go inside the chamber. Their guard lowered, Mazi and his brothers told Solo how they came to be orphans on Delaya.[1]

Helping the Rebel Alliance[]

"There's this place Halle and Kiro go when they want to be alone, this abandoned schoolhouse, a few blocks up the river. They think it's like this big romantic secret or something that they're together. Usually pretend they don't even know each other."
"So how come you know?"
"I know a lot of stuff. It's easy to be invisible, when you want to be."
―Mazi and Han Solo[1]

When Organa was captured by a rogue Alderaanian faction that blamed her for the destruction of their world, Mazi tracked down Organa's Rebel companions and provided them the location of the hideout of Halle Dray, one of the faction's ringleaders. The information proved invaluable as Solo and the others rescued Organa from the Empire, to whom she had been handed over by the faction in exchange for a new planet to settle on. Olin suspected that the orphans, who were willing to do anything for credits, in addition to knowing where Dray's hideout was, might have been hired by the faction to rob and capture Organa in their previous encounter.[1]

After Organa's rescue, Mazi and his brothers met with a Rebel recruiter and decided to enlist in the Alliance as soldiers. They excitedly informed Solo—whom they had grown quite fond of—of the news, aiming to impress him. Solo acknowledged that he was impressed, although he reflected that Mazi and his siblings were too young to serve in the Alliance. The orphans were scheduled to be shipped out that night, and Solo wished them luck.[1]

Personality and traits[]

"You ask me, we're better off forgetting the whole thing ever happened. We are from nowhere. Now."
―Mazi to Jez, on forgetting their past[1]

As a result of Alderaan's destruction, Mazi and his brothers became orphans overnight and had to look out for each other. Mazi became the unofficial leader due to his age, which Solo pegged to be around fifteen years, and Lan, being the youngest of the three, started looking up to Mazi with an admiring attitude akin to hero worship. Mazi enforced a strict rule among the orphans of forgetting everything about their past, claiming that they were from nowhere. Despite their predicament, Mazi and his siblings refused to be pitied by anyone. When Solo did not turn them in to the authorities for trying to rob Organa, the orphans began yearning to impress the smuggler. Mazi had a pale facial complexion and a mop of greasy hair.[1]

Skills and abilities[]

"Mazi can talk anyone into anything."
―Lan, regarding Mazi[1]

According to his brother Lan, Mazi had a talent of convincing people into agreeing with him. When he had the idea of going to Delaya to watch a smashball tournament with his brothers, Mazi was able to convince their parents to allow them to stay overnight on Delaya before returning to their homeworld the next day, in spite of their young age and their mother's worries. After Alderaan was destroyed and the boys had to resort to thievery to survive, Mazi successfully used a wrist grabbing maneuver on Princess Organa and held her at knifepoint with his vibroblade. Han Solo considered the stunt worn-out, having done it a couple of times in his youth.[1]


Mazi used a rusty vibroblade when robbing people on Delaya. He wore pants with a back pocket, where he hid his vibroblade.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

Mazi was created by author Alex Wheeler for the 2008 novel Rebel Force: Hostage, the second volume in the Star Wars: Rebel Force series.[1]


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