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"They got Lishma. He wasn't even shooting. . . . Where do I sign up?"

Mazzic was a male Myke smuggler who was later a part of Talon Karrde's Smugglers' Alliance that went against Grand Admiral Thrawn and helped the New Republic's shipping crisis. At one point, Shada D'ukal, a Mistryl Shadow Guard, worked for Mazzic as a personal bodyguard.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Very little was known of the past of the famous smuggler known as Mazzic. Starting out as a freighter captain for the Galactic Empire, operating out of Corellia, Mazzic fell out with his employers when someone close to him (perhaps his wife) was killed, murdered by the Empire trying to get to him. Fleeing to the Corporate Sector, Mazzic became a full-fledged smuggler soon after.

Mazzic built up a small organization, consisting mostly of himself and the crew of his freighter Distant Rainbow and two Preybird-class starfighter, Raptor and Skyclaw and their pilots Griv and Amber. While he showed no love for the Empire, he was not against running goods for them, and enjoyed overcharging them for his services.

Mazzic reluctantly meets with Grand Admiral Thrawn

Although fanatically secretive about his past (perhaps because of the murder of his wife), Mazzic didn't withdraw from interacting with fellow smugglers. In fact many counted Mazzic as a friend, perhaps because of his keen sense of justice. And while Mazzic himself didn't trust too many people, those he did he treated as lifelong friends.

An example of both Mazzic's devotion to his friends and his sense of justice were his rash actions in attacking and destroying a Star Destroyer under construction at the Bilbringi Shipyards following the death of the Gotal smuggler Lishma.

Lishma was killed by Imperial troops during a smuggler's meeting on Trogan. Ironically, Lishma had voted not to oppose the Empire during the meeting, and was not shooting during the firefight with the stormtroopers. Lishma's death did, however, serve to sway Mazzic over to Talon Karrde's Smuggler's Alliance.

While in his middle years, Mazzic still cut an impressive figure clad in a skin-tight black flight suit with twin blaster pistols in cross-draw rigs across his chest. A short black cloak and red-lensed flight goggles often completed the ensemble. Mazzic was also never seen without a toothpick in his mouth.

For a while, Mazzic also included as part of the outfit, the beautiful, if somewhat vacuous, female companion known as Shada, who was in fact far more than her appearance let on.

During the meeting called by Karrde in the Whistler's Whirlpool on Trogan, Mazzic was initially opposed to any sort of armed opposition to Thrawn, but after being fired upon by Imperial Lieutenant Kosk and his Chariot LAVs in an ambush planned by Niles Ferrier, he quickly joined up with Karrde.

Mazzic was later taken by Thrawn, and then released in an attempt to plant seeds of dissent, aided by Ferrier, within the Smuggler's Alliance. Though initially successful, Ferrier's own incompetence led to his demise at Amber's hands while fleeing the scene in his gunship, shot down by the Raptor. Mazzic went on to lead the Smuggler's Alliance force at the Battle of Bilbringi.

Mazzic's legendary ability to evade Imperial customs frigates and the traps they set for him made him a primary choice for Talon Karrde's smuggler's alliance (although Karrde did consider Mazzic's sense of justice misguided).

Ten years later, in 19 ABY, Mazzic happened to be the contact of Karrde's who apprehended Lak Jit, the Devaronian who had escaped Wayland with the news of the discovery of the Caamas Document, implicating a group of Bothan saboteurs in the Caamas Firestorm. After subduing Lak Jit, Mazzic remarked with some disgust that the information was worthless, as no one would care about what had happened to a single world so many years ago - in which he was grossly mistaken, failing to foresee the Caamas Document Crisis that followed the revelation.

Behind the scenes[edit | edit source]

Original Human Mazzic and his bodyguard Shada

Originally Mazzic was described as a human and no reference was made in regard to Mazzic having an alien appearance in the novel The Last Command. Likewise Mazzic was originally depicted as a human in the artwork for The Last Command Sourcebook. Later comic depictions produced by Dark Horse Comics radically change Mazzic's appearance changing him into a dark-haired blue-skinned near-human that would years later be referred to as the "Myke" race.

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