"Ever since I recently announced my intention to retire my route on the Corellian Trade Spine, I've received many kind messages from friends and fellow long-haulers. However, I made that announcement before CEC invited me to climmb into the cockpit of the YT-1300. Now, here's a new announcement. I plan to continue flying my route for as long as I'm able, and I won't add "or as long as my brand new YT-1300 holds up" because that would be a disservice to a ship that will undoubtedly survive this old cyborg. If I ever do retire, I might just install a deluxe crew cabin, because I don't ever want to stray too far from that cockpit."
―Measel Junco, in the CEC YT-1300 Marketing Catalog[src]

Measel Junco was a famous cyborg long-hauler who worked as a columnist for the Independent Traders' Infonet. At some point Junco decided to retire from traveling along the Corellian Trade Spine and received many messages of support from friends and other long-haulers. However, the Corellian Engineering Corporation showed Junco around a YT-1300 light freighter and the cyborg subsequently obtained a YT-1300 and chose not to retire. CEC later included a quote from Junco in the CEC YT-1300 Marketing Catalog.


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