"Explanation: It's just that... you have all these squishy parts, master. And all that water! How the constant sloshing doesn't drive you mad, I have no idea."
HK-47 to Revan[src]

Meatbag was a slang term sometimes used by droids to refer to organics. The term was generally considered offensive by most organics, and it was normally used as a means to insult them.

The assassin droid HK-47 used the term constantly, even during normal conversation. In the service of Darth Revan, his constructor, he informed Revan's apprentice Darth Malak of his "meatbag status." Revan found this amusing, so he programmed HK-47 to use the word more often. Durge called Jedi Knight Glaive a meatbag as he was decapitated by Asajj Ventress. Separatist battle droids would occasionally use this term to refer to Grand Army of the Republic clone troopers.

Behind the scenes

The term was first used within the Star Wars franchise by HK-47 from Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic.



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