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"What CorSec has never figured out, and what I know well, is that these Meatlumps would never break, never lie down, never bend over for anybody. Anybody. Well, other than for me."
―Meatlump King[src]

The Meatlumps, also known as the Meatlump Gang, were a band of ruffians described by the Corellian Security Force authorities as "fanatical" and "somewhat stupid" progress haters.

History[edit | edit source]

"I was the first. When I started, I was the only one. Though back then, the name meatlump only referred to a delicious snack. It was Draykken who named us Meatlumps! But even so, it is only right that I am King. For I am the tallest and the most glorious."
―Meatlump King[src]

A Meatlump

The Meatlumps were formed by an ex-Imperial scientist who regretted that he had helped build weapons for the Empire. When Imperial assassins attempted to kill him, his three sons, described by the CorSec authorities as "dullards in their own right" took control of the Meatlumps, naming the gang after their favorite food.

The Meatlump King

The activities of the Meatlumps were investigated by the journalist Vani Korr who, with the help of an unknown traveler, published an article called "Who are the Meatlumps?." In the article she revealed that while displaying the behavior of mere thugs, the Meatlumps had actually never directly caused the death of anyone. She suggested that they actually viewed people as obstacles rather than targets, and once out of the way, they were ignored. Instead, the Meatlumps seemed to focus on technological devices, and that whenever they did attack anyone, it was usually to acquire one such device. Korr had herself been attacked by the Meatlumps, but as soon as she was no longer an obstacle for them, they ignored her and focused on her speeder. She concluded that they were dangerous, and could reveal that they were led by three brothers Hraykken Bender, Draykken Bender, and Louis Bender. These three brothers were originally believed to be the sons of the Meatlump King, but they were in fact taken by the King from their abusive father.

A graffiti created by the Meatlumps

Although based predominantly on Corellia, the Meatlumps maintained a small presence through additional chapters on Talus, Naboo, Rori, Lok, and Tatooine. Virtually all members of the Meatlump Gang were Human.

The Meatlumps and the Ragtag gang were known to have a very hostile relationship. The Ragtags really hated the Meatlumps for some reason, even though the Meatlumps barely acknowledged the Ragtags existed. The Ragtags once vandalized the Coronet Starport, hoping to blame the Meatlumps and get them into trouble.[1]

Behind the scenes[edit | edit source]

The Meatlumps appeared in Star Wars Galaxies prior to its closure on December 15, 2011. Their background was expanded upon in 2008 as part of Chapter 10, with the introduction of a new Meatlumps quest series.

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