"Beings of Cularin, let the galaxy bear witness to your weakness, and to my revenge."
―Mebara Jos[1]

Mebara Jos was a female Togorian who lived during the waning years of the Galactic Republic. Due to her Force-sensitivity, Jos was shunned by her own people, so she eventually left them and attempted to enroll at the Almas Academy, a Jedi academy that was located in the Cularin system. However, the Jedi refused her entry into the academy, and she left the system, vowing to have revenge against those who had spurned her. Jos founded the Fireclaw Horde, a Togorian criminal gang, and twenty years after her rejection by the Jedi, she returned to the Cularin system, determined to have vengeance against the system's inhabitants. However, her first two attempts at terrorist attacks, a scheme to capture the carbonite-frozen Jedi Ji-Ad Sarain and a raid on the luxury liner Queen of Cularin, were unsuccessful. As a final, desperate act, Jos planned to stage an attack on the Cularin Classic, a swoop race that was set to take place on the planet Cularin. During the race, she jammed the controls of a speeder bike that was being used by Team SoroSuub, one of the competing teams, sending the vehicle hurtling toward a crowd of spectators. A group of freelance agents prevented the bike from making contact with the crowd, enraging Jos and causing her to attack them using the dark side of the Force. However, they eventually defeated her.


Early life[]

Mebara Jos was a Force-sensitive female Togorian who was born during the waning years of the Galactic Republic.[1] Most Togorians despised and mistrusted those among their species who could use the Force,[2] and as a result, Jos was shunned by her own people. She eventually left them and traveled to the planet Almas in the Cularin system, planning to enroll at the Almas Academy, a Jedi academy that was located on the world. However, after Jos got into a fight with another prospective Jedi, the academy's application team refused her entry into the institute. She did not take the rejection well and responded by attacking some of her fellow candidates.[1]

Jos left the Cularin system and disappeared, swearing to have vengeance against both other Togorians and the Almas Academy. Over the next twenty years, the scope of her hatred enlarged to encompass the entire populations of the Cularin system and Togoria,[1] the Togorian homeworld.[2] She began using the dark side of the Force, training herself to utilize a number of Force powers, and at some point, she founded the Fireclaw Horde, a criminal gang that was made up entirely of Togorians.[1] However, her gang failed at nearly every job that they tried to pull off.[3]

Return to the Cularin system[]

Circa 20 BBY,[4] during the time of the Clone Wars, Jos returned to the Cularin system, determined to enact retribution against the the system's inhabitants.[1] The Fireclaw Horde established a base in the abandoned city Nub Saar on Genarius,[5] the system's third planet,[6] and Jos masterminded a plot for the Horde to aide the slaver Gomalo in the recovery of the carbonite-frozen Jedi Knight Ji-Ad Sarain.[7][1] However, the mission was thwarted by the actions of the Heroes of Cularin, a group of freelance agents who operated in the Cularin system, and the Horde was unsuccessful at retrieving the Jedi.[7] Jos subsequently launched another operation aimed at bringing her revenge, scheming to destroy the luxury liner Queen of Cularin,[1] and the Fireclaw Horde sent a Citadel-class cruiser and some MMR-9 droids to attack the liner.[5] The Heroes of Cularin defeated the raiders, foiling Jos's plans for a second time.[1][5]

In the aftermath of her failures, Jos developed another strategy for gaining revenge and began planning an attack on the Cularin Classic swoop racing event. The race was scheduled to take place in the Cularin Repulsor Speedway stadium on the planet Cularin, and was set to receive large-scale media coverage, so Jos believed that a violent attack on the competition would allow her to strike a blow against the citizens of the Cularin system. Using information stolen from a SoroSuub Corporation office in the Cularin city of Gadrin, she intended to jam the controls of an XB-01 Speeder Bike that was to be fielded by Team SoroSuub, one of the teams taking part in the race, and send the vehicle careening into the crowd watching the race. Because her previous operations had given Togorians too much exposure in the system, she had some of her Horde minions disguise themselves as Duckonians, a made-up sentient species, and she entered a team of "Duckonians" in the race. She also began researching the other teams that were competing.[1]

The Talons swoop gang, which was also participating in the race, hired the Twi'lek investigator Di'hal'uma to investigate its rival teams, and she soon deduced that the Duckonian team consisted of members of the Fireclaw Horde. Jos learned of the Twi'lek's investigation, and, via an intermediary called Jax, she hired a group of Corellian thugs and the Blood Raptors swoop gang, ordering the Raptors to attempt to capture Di'hal'uma while the thugs created a distraction.[1]

The race went ahead as planned, and during the event, Jos activated a jamming device when the SoroSuub bike was aimed at the crowd. The machine disrupted all communications in the vicinity of the stadium, except for a media feed that was being broadcast to the rest of the Cularin system, and, while the vehicle hurtled toward the spectators, Jos's image appeared on the stadium's viewscreens. She spoke to the crowd and then disabled a deflector shield that was protecting them, while some of her minions simultaneously launched an attack against the onlookers.[1] However, the Heroes of Cularin were able to prevent the bike from hitting the crowd, driving Jos into a rage. She tapped into the dark side of the Force,[3] using it to increase her fighting spirit and enhance her abilities, before attacking the agents.[1] However, they eventually defeated Jos and her minions.[3]

Personality and traits[]

The Jedi application team that refused Jos entry into the Almas Academy believed that she had too much anger and that rage was her primary motivation for applying to study at the academy.[1] However, their rejection of her caused Jos to become frustrated, because both the Jedi and her own people had spurned her.[3] This led to her eventually developing a hatred for the entire populations of Togoria and the Cularin system, and the failure of her plots to recover Ji-Ad Sarain and attack the Queen of Cularin intensified her loathing for the inhabitants of the Cularin system. Due to her failures, her plan to attack the Cularin Classic was born out of desperation, because she viewed it as her final chance to gain revenge,[1] and she hoped that the destruction she caused would be broadcast throughout the system.[3] She aimed to cause as much chaos and terror as possible during her attack by hurting and killing a large number of people, which she believed would give her the best chance for escaping from the confrontation.[1]

Powers and abilities[]

Jos trained herself to be able to use a number of Force powers, relating to both the control and alter aspects of the Force. She knew how to use the battlemind ability[1] to increase her concentration,[8] as well as using the Enhance Ability skill[1] to increase her strength,[8] and the Drain Energy power[1] to resist the effects of attacks from energy weapons.[8] Like all Togorians, Jos could see twice as far in dim light as most other sentient beings could.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

"I must have gotten somebody worried, or they wouldn't have tried to grab me. Maybe they thought I know more than I do."
―Di'haluma, on Jos's attempt to have the investigator captured, if the player-characters save Di'hal'uma from the Blood Raptors[1]

Mebara Jos was created by Nathanael Christen and appeared in Cloak and Vibroblade, a roleplaying adventure that formed part of the Living Force campaign.[1] She later received an entry in the 2008 book The Complete Star Wars Encyclopedia.[3] In Cloak and Vibroblade, the actions of the player-characters, who roleplay as the Heroes of Cularin, can affect Jos's actions. If the players fail to stop the Blood Raptors from capturing Di'hal'uma, then Jos rendezvous with the Raptors on the edge of the Cularin jungle, and the criminals hand the Twi'lek over to her. Later in the adventure, it is possible for the player-characters to prevent the SoroSuub speeder bike from crashing into the crowd watching the Cularin Classic, and, if they do so, Jos attacks them using the dark side of the Force.[1] Jos's entry in The Complete Star Wars Encyclopedia confirms that the Heroes of Cularin prevented the crash, thus making the Togorian's attack on them the outcome that occurs in Star Wars Legends continutiy.[3]



Notes and appearances[]

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