"It is a mechanic's code that Tam and I came up with. We used it to discuss your lack of mechanical skills and knowledge without you overhearing us."
―Neeku Vozo to Kazuda Xiono — (audio) Listen (file info)[1]

In 34 ABY,[2] a mechanic's code was developed by Nikto Neeku Vozo and human Tamara Ryvora, mechanics aboard the Colossus station, to discuss fellow mechanic Kazuda Xiono's lack of mechanical skills and knowledge in secret. The code used a series of beeps and whistles as a form of communication and could be used as shorthand for emergencies.[1]

In 35 ABY,[3] Ryvora connected her comlink to MSE droid 5-L to transmit a message to Xiono's comlink in the code—requesting to meet him in three cycles on[1] the planet[4] Castilon. When Xiono did not understand the sounds coming from his comlink, Vozo identified that the message was in the code which he had created with Ryvora. After Vozo explained the code's origins, Xiono was shocked but was more concerned with understanding the message. Vozo then translated the message into Basic for Xiono.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

The code was first mentioned in part one of the two-part episode "The Escape,"[1] the finale of the second season of the television series Star Wars Resistance, which aired on January 26, 2020.[5] In the original script, Ryvora contacted Xiono using Vozo's native language of Kada'sa'Niktoese. This was changed to make the interaction more personal.[6]



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