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Mechis III was a rocky, smoky and volcanic planet which served as one of the prime droid manufacturers in the galaxy. Covered in automated droid building facilities, it provided the galaxy with all manner of droids for generations. Many of the galaxy's largest droid designers subcontracted the construction work to the plants on Mechis III, where the automated systems were highly efficient.

Mechis III was the homeworld of the protocol droid E-3PO and was also subsequently overcome by IG-88 assassin droids during the Mechis III Uprising.


In the days of the Old Republic it served as one of the many droid foundries of the Techno Union, Arakyd Industries, Genetech Corporation, SoroSuub Corporation and Veril Line Systems. It was also the headquarters of Trilon, Inc., a ship producing company.

During the reign of the Galactic Empire, Arakyd Industries had complete control of the planet after the dissolution of the Techno Union. Sometime before 15 BBY the planet's central computer was electronically sliced into by the droid bounty hunter IG-88A and their sentience was uploaded. By taking control of Mechis III, the IG-88 assassin droids planned to use the planet as a base for the planned droid revolution. The plot involved killing all the 73 living Arakyd employees on the planet, while concurrently assuming control of the company, continuing to fill the standard droid orders with every droid manufactured by the foundry being modified to be similarly self-aware like IG-88 and ready to rebel against the 'biologicals' when triggered.[4]

However, the final IG-88's destruction with the second Death Star ended their potential rebellion and organic life returned to planet and restored its proper droid manufacturing.

Years after IG-88's defeat, Tyko Thul purchased the droid factory and restored it to peak manufacturing operations.



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