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"Your death, sir."
―3D-4X, to Administrator Hekis[src]

The Mechis III Uprising was an incident following the Holowan Massacre which saw the IG-88s take over the droid foundry world of Mechis III from its Human managers.

After his escape from Holowan Laboratories, IG-88A developed a plan to have all droids turn on their biological masters and rule the galaxy. Their first step was to take over the foundry world Mechis III, which was one of the galaxy's largest droid manufacturers. They planned to use the planets vast industrial complexes to construct a droid army for their revolution, but first they had to deal with the biologicals on the planet.

As they flew toward the planet in their ship, they simply hacked into the planet's security system, rerouted the planet's computer systems and transmitted a code to transfer their sentience into all droid minds. With the help of the Administrative Droid 3D-4X, all droids on Mechis III came under the complete control of the IG-88s.

The droid operatives on the planet followed their orders and rose against their biological masters, and killed all 73 on-planet Human staff within five minutes. The entire planet belonged to IG-88, before he ever set foot on its surface.



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