The Mechthorian was a model of security droids manufactured by the Stonewall Labs company during the Imperial Period. This droid was Ithorian-shaped and was taller than a medium-sized Human. The Mechthorian was able to fight using ranged weapons.[1]

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Mechthorians were manufactured by Stonewall Labs prior to the Battle of Yavin. When the Stonewall Labs facility on Naboo was closed, security droids remained activated. Several ZH-28 guards, SWL-5 overseers, LC-92 antagonists, Mechthorians and B1 battle droids continued their patrol programs in the laboratory and in the surrounding area.[1] Circa 1 ABY,[2] a spacer was trying to acquire an experimental Old Republic droid module from a droideka in the Stonewall Labs facility. The spacer entered the laboratory and fought several Mechthorians to finally access the module.[1]

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