The Mecrosa Order was a dark side coven that served House Mecetti, a powerful noble family on Obulette who swore an oath to protect them with their lives from all who threatened it. Possessing a long history, as a group of Force-sensitive assassins, the Mecrosa Order was closely linked with the Sith.


Founded during the Tapani sector's Dynastic Era, the Mecrosa Order began as a group of Force-sensitive nobles of House Mecetti who swore an oath to protect the House with their lives from all who threatened it. Based within an ancient castle on the planet Nyssa, the Order grew in wealth and numbers as House Mecetti remained stable and strong. Establishing chapter houses across the surrounding systems, the Order established an elaborate network of spies and informants to keep the flow of information open at all times.

During this two hundred year period of growth and expansion, the Order began to be corrupted from the inside, coming under the scrutiny of members of the Jedi Order that were sired by the rival House Pelagia. Accusing the Mecrosa Order's leader, Viscountess Mireya of Vjun, of consorting with Sith holocrons and dabbling in the dark side of the Force, even allowing Sith Lords to own tax-free holdings on Nyssa.[3] During the time known to history as the Old Sith Wars, under the leadership of High Lady Brezwalt III, the Mecrosa Order began funding the devastating conflict led by Sith Lord Exar Kun, which garnered a strong response by the Jedi. To counter the Sith supporters, the Jedi Order embarked upon a massive purge of Sith teachings in the Tapani sector, declaring it the Cleansing of the Nine Houses.[3]

While the Jedi were successful at killing most of the Sith-leaning members of the Order, the Mecrosa survived in secret within the Tapani sector, though many of the survivors were not Forceful. Abandoning the use of Sith teachings and poisons, the Mecrosa sought out frinka venom and learned the skills of various martial arts.[4] However, the assassins of the Order were trained to survive toxic atmospheres, poisons, and sicknesses by taking chemical cocktails to immunize themselves to the effects. By the time of the Cold War, the Order was still fragmented, and their databases vulnerable to outside infiltration.[7] As the secret society recovered over the next four millennia, they became especially thoughtful in regards to who gained membership. The Mecrosa did not play a part in the wars between the Jedi and Sith for some time until the New Sith Wars and fell in with the New Sith Empire. Despite their pledged loyalty, the Order was responsible for the poisoning of Sith Lord Belia Darzu in retaliation for her intrusion into the Tapani sector in 1230 BBY.[4]

Mecrosa Order

A Mecrosa assassin.

A thousand years later, the weakened Order was tested by the leader of the Dathomirian Nightsisters, Mother Talzin. Sending three shadow killers to the Pella system in search of rival groups, only one Nightsister fell while all Mecrosa combatants died.[8] Several years later, Sir Nevil Tritum was part of the reinvigorated Mecrosa Order under the Galactic Empire. Tritum, while not Forceful himself, recovered the lost holocron of King Adas from the library of House Pelagia, killing three Jedi Guardians in the process.[4]

The Order would remain silent during the Galactic Civil War, reappearing once more after the death of the Galactic Emperor. At this time the Order was led by Lady Estalle Balis, the director of House Mecetti's very effective spynet.[1] Sometime after the battle over Endor, the Mecrosa were visited by former Emperor's Hand Lumiya. Requesting that the Order allow her into their vaults, the Mecrosa felt obligated to assist her in her pursuit of knowledge and grudgingly allowed her access.[2]



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