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*''[[Knights of the Old Republic Campaign Guide]]''
*''[[Knights of the Old Republic Campaign Guide]]''
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==Notes and references==
==Notes and references==

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The Mecrosa Order was a group of protectors of the Tapani sector's noble House Mecetti whose history was closely linked with the Sith and the Dark side of the Force.


The order was founded by a young noblewomen after she rediscovered her hereditary connection to an ancient order of Sith that settled in the Tapani Sector. She formed the Mecrosa order, a coalition of Force-sensitive knights, around 4,200 BBY and granted tax-free holdings to Sith Lords on the planet Nyssa. Over two centuries the order grew extremely powerful and developed chapter houses, spynets and palazzi across the Tapani sector[1].

Around 4,000 BBY, Viscountess Mireya of Vjun married into the House, bringing with her Sith teachings. From Mireya, the Order was styled into a Sith cult of assassins that produced a number of Sith Lords, fighting for Exar Kun during the Great Sith War[2].

The order, under the leadership of High Lady Brezwalt III[1], was nearly wiped out by the Jedi Knights, aided by House Pelagia, during the Cleansing of the Nine Houses at the end of the conflict with Exar Kun. However, members (both Force-sensitive and not) survived until at least the New Sith Wars, where they were allied with the New Sith Empire.
Mecrosa Order

Mecrosa Assassin

Around 1,230 BBY, in an act of treachery, they poisoned the Dark Lord of the Sith Belia Darzu for her unwanted incursions into Tapani Sector space.

Under the rule of the Galactic Empire, young Mecetti nobles revived the Order. During the Great Jedi Purge, the Order's top agent, Sir Nevil Tritum, retrieved the Sith holocron of the ancient Sith Warlord Adas from House Pelagia. Following the Battle of Endor, the Order gave the holocron to Lumiya.

At this time Lady Estalle Balis was the director of House Mecetti's very effective spynet which proved useful in covering the Order's activities by attributing these actions to other people or organizations in official reports.

Notable members

Behind the scenes

Given this Order's affiliation with the Sith, its name may be a pun on the word necrosis, which is the death of biological tissue.



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